General Information for Healthcare Professionals

These resources are for professionals who wish to have a more detailed explanation of the major concepts summarized in publications for the general public, but who do not have the time or desire to read journal articles or lengthy scientific publications. This content is generally in the format of short fact sheets, position papers or articles intended for a professional audience.

Seafood Safety Overview

A summary of current knowledge and advice on food safety issues associated with seafood products.

Guide to Selecting Seafood

This section provides practical advice for consumers to evaluate the quality and safety of seafood products when purchasing them in retail stores or restaurants.

Seafood Handling and Storage

This publication provides practical advice for transportation, storage and preparation of seafood products to ensure safety and maximize quality.

Seafood Safety Issues for Specific Products

This section contains information on potential food safety concerns for certain types of seafood products including: raw molluscan shellfish; ready-to-eat products; and recreationally caught fish and shellfish.

Seafood Safety Topics

Information is provided on specific food safety hazards that can be associated with seafood and other perishable foods; including: microbial pathogens; parasites; natural toxins; man-made pollutants; and mercury.