Scientific Publications and References

These resources are for individuals who are interested in reviewing the results of studies published in scientific or medical journals or by government agencies or health organizations. They are presented at this site in the format of abstracts or other summaries of scientific papers or government reports with a link to the original source.

Seafood Safety Overview

A summary of current knowledge and advice on food safety issues associated with seafood products.

Seafood Handling and Storage

Information providing practical advice on how to transport, store, and prepare seafood products to ensure safety and maximize quality.

Seafood Safety Issues for Specific Products

This section contains three different factsheets that describe potential food safety concerns for certain types of seafood products including: raw molluscan shellfish; ready-to-eat products that will not be cooked before they are eaten; and recreationally caught fish and shellfish.

Seafood Safety Topics

Information is provided on specific food safety hazards that can be associated with seafood and other perishable foods, including information on : microbial pathogens; parasites; natural toxins; man-made pollutants; and mercury.