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Site Overview


The Seafood Health Facts Website is designed to be a comprehensive resource on seafood products for healthcare providers and practitioners and their patients. It is also intended to be a resource for consumers to obtain objective information on seafood products. In today’s information age, consumers and healthcare providers are frequently exposed to information on a single topic that may or may not provide a complete picture of all of the issues that can help them make informed choices about the seafood they consume. The Seafood Health Facts is designed to provide information and resources on risks, benefits and product choices that can help consumers make informed decisions and help healthcare providers give balanced objective information to their patients.

The information on this site is organized by topic and includes resources for seafood nutrition and the benefits of seafood consumption, seafood safety and the risks associated with certain types of seafood, a comparison of the risks and benefits of seafood consumption, and the seafood supply in the U.S. It is also organized to provide different types of resources appropriate for different groups of people. We have organized the educational materials and other resources for each of the seafood and health related topic tabs at this site into three different sections based on their usefulness for: the general public; healthcare professionals; and scientific publications for all groups.


The information at this site was developed with the unique perspective of food technologists and seafood specialists who work for university food science departments or Sea Grant programs across the U.S. Most of these individuals have been actively involved in a variety of public education and scientific research activities involving seafood products for over two decades. This project was partially funded through a grant from the National Integrated Food Safety Initiative (Grant No. 2007-51110-03815) of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2007. The project was entitled Benefits and Risks of Seafood Consumption: Outreach Education for Healthcare Providers and Practitioners, and the Seafood Health Facts Website represents one of the primary project deliverables. This site is now being managed by the University of Delaware Sea Grant College Program and partially funded by a grant from the National Aquaculture Extension Initiative of the National Sea Grant Program (grant no. NA13OAR4170203) NOAA.


The Seafood Health Facts Website was developed by Cornell University and the New York Sea Grant Extension Program in collaboration with Oregon State University and the Universities of Rhode Island, Delaware, Florida and California.

Ken Gall of New York Sea Grant and Cornell University and Steve Kern of Cornell University's Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management developed the design and content for this site in collaboration with the following project partners and collaborators:

Dr. Michael Morrissey, Dr. Rosalee Hellberg, and Laura Geise of Oregon State University
Dr. Lori Pivarnik of the University of Rhode Island
Doris Hicks of the University of Delaware Sea Grant College Program
Pamela Tom of the University of California Sea Grant College Program
Dr. Steve Otwell of the University of Florida
Heather Mann of the Community Seafood Initiative