Making Smart Choices

Seafood buying guide

Learn more about a wide variety of fish and shellfish products available in the marketplace

Product safety

Current knowledge and advice on food safety issues associated with seafood products


Information on the nutritional components found in seafood including calories, protein, and more


Ensuring the safety and quality of seafood products in the U.S. is a joint effort of Federal and State regulatory agencies

For medical professionals

Nutritional benefits, food safety risks, and guidelines for consumers

In today’s information age, consumers and healthcare providers are frequently exposed to information on a single topic that may or may not provide a complete picture of all of the issues that can help them make informed choices about the seafood they consume.

Seafood Health Facts is designed to provide information and resources on risks, benefits and product choices that can help consumers make informed decisions and help healthcare providers give balanced objective information to their patients.

The information on this site is organized by topic and includes resources for seafood nutrition and the benefits of seafood consumption, seafood safety and the risks associated with certain types of seafood, a comparison of the risks and benefits of seafood consumption, and the seafood supply in the U.S.

It is also organized to provide different types of resources appropriate for different groups of people. We have organized the educational materials and other resources for each of the seafood and health related topic tabs at this site into three different sections based on their usefulness for: the general public; healthcare professionals; and scientific publications for all groups.


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